welcome About Cheezheng

Founded in 1995 at LinZhi Gansu, Tibet. The company pride itself for being socially responsible, ecologically friendly, and environmentally conscious. The mission of Cheezheng uphold authentic Traditional Tibetan Medicine Practice with practice of compassion, guided by high moral principles and follows good business practice, Cheezheng set standard for practices of traditional medicine in modern society. 

Pain relieving plaster is just one of many special patented products widely sold in Asia.  From harvest, manufacturing, and packaging, Cheezheng follow strict GMP and GSP guidelines without sacrifice in quality and authenticity of Tibetan Herbal Formulation.

Since the very beginning, Cheezheng supported traditional Tibetan Medicine Practitioner (known in Tibetan as Amchi or Manpar) and established traditional health clinics across Tibetan Plateau. It taps into resources and herbs locally and continue to support the locals to seek out traditional way of life.