Pain Reliving Plaster (Externally Applied Only)

Why does our product different from other topical plasters?

Widely sold in traditional herbal stores and by practitioners of Traditional Medicinal system, it formulated from authentic herbs of Tibetan Plateau. At the altitude of 3500-5000 meter, in the cold and arid environment, plant growth is highly adaptive. More than a quarter of the plants in this region has potent medicinal property. Using one of a kind vacuumed hypothermic and dehydrating technology by Cheezheng, herbs are extracted directly from the region of growth to maximize effectiveness. This technology seal in the active ingredients of the herbs, making the analgesic effect of our plaster 20 times more potent than plasters of similar category.

In addition, the plaster uses a moist herbal decoction in combination to the traditional plaster. Prior to application,   a small amount of liquid herb in a separate package is sprinkled evenly on the plaster surface, the combination of both is applied topically over area of the pain. This formulation effectively shortens the duration of traditional plaster application to only 8 hours (24 hours, other traditional plaster). The ingredients get to work in as little as in 20 mins.

Finally, Cheezheng partnered with 3M Company in the US to produce the plaster adhesive tape that is allergy safe.


It is most widely used for pain complains that is the result of muscle tightness or cramping in athletes, overuse conditions, and minor joint discomfort with prolonged exertion.

Contents of individual package (5 packages in one box)
  • 1.Light Brownish Plaster with plastic film (12cmx 9cm)
  • 2.Small white package of dark yellow/orange herbal liquid (3.5cmx 7.8 cm)
  • 3.Instruction in English /Chinese