Tibetan Medicine


Thousands year old practice (Known as Sowa Rigpa) in the Himalayan region using, pattern differentiation by methods of tongue, pulse analysis, urine inspection, orbital and facial analysis and palpation to make conclusion about an individual’s symptom complains.

Influence by Aye Vedic Medicine, Buddhism philosophy, Bon Tradition of Tibet and astronomy, It is proposed that the conditions of the body arise are a result of imbalance between 3 NYEPA, known as Lung, Tripa, and Beken( Wind, Bile, and Pheglm). The 3 NYEPA correspond to the 3 poisons in the Buddhist philosophy which are attachment, anger, and ignorance. Diseases of body, mind and spirt are the direct consequences of disharmony of the 3 NYEPA. Three NYEPA has direct influence of the 5 elements which make up this world.

Tibetan Traditional Practitioner (Manpar/ Amchi) formulate herbs into pills, decoction, powder, oils or wines using as much as 70+ variety of ingredients into variety of formulas. It is often made at the time of clinic visit. Therefore, providing an individualized approach to symptom relief.

Formulas used in Cheezheng's plaster and many other products are direct fruition of extensive clinical experience from renowned Tibetan Health Professionals in the local clinics Cheezheng supported.